[thelist] customizing homesite

Matthew Haughey matt at haughey.com
Tue Feb 27 19:20:08 CST 2001

I've scoured the web, the help files, and various mailing list archives, 
and I can't find any info on hacking Allaire Homesite's default tag settings.

I'd like to be able to do a few things. Most important, when I hit control 
and enter, I'd like to have a <br /> tag inserted into documents instead of 
<br>. I'd like to auto insert /'s at the end of img tags when img src tags 
are inserted. I'd like to change control-b from inserting <b> to <strong>.

They have a lot of info on customizing the interface and creating new tags 
through their VTM language, and I see in my \homesite\extensions\ directory 
a html tag definition list, but I can't figure out how the tags are built 
up, based on those files. Most of the vtm stuff looks like help popup 
definitions. Anyone ever really hacked homesite before and would be willing 
to give some tips?


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