[thelist] iMac DV, video capability

Jason Belec pdfworkflows at home.com
Wed Feb 28 18:51:42 CST 2001

> iMac - DV Ruby 400MHz with Extra 128MB RAM FREE!
> 400MHz Power PC G3, 192MB SDRAM After Free
> Memory, 10GB Drive, CD-ROM, Rage 128 Pro, 56K
> Modem, NIC, 2 USB Ports, 2 Firewire Ports, 15"
> Display (13.8" VIS), Mac OS 9 *$30 installation
> fee required.

Go for the 500, believe me its worth it.

> the catch is that it looks like the only way to
> get video in there is through USB or Firewire...
> this is problematic since all my clients hand me
> video on VHS or 3/4" tape... some give me Hi8 or
> digital 8...

No problem. Matrox has a stunning solution, for good money. So do several
companies, like Eskape, etc.. A recent MacWorld, or MacAddict had them all

> anybody have experience getting something with
> an RCA or coaxial out into a USB/Firewire in?

No troubles, we handle broadcast quality daily.

> how i long for the old days in front of the Avid
> system...

Really?!! Wow, that's stunning considering the technology is very, very,
out-of-date. The Voodoo card (not available for iMac), not the gaming card
either, along with Final Cut Pro, makes Avid look pretty week. Of course, we
are in a television building, and thus price is a little less likely to
bother us.

The iMac can handle broadcast quality input and output - NTSC, I'd have to
ask our UK office about PAL.

I hope this can be of some help.

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