[thelist] ASP, SQL, Recordsets, Best Practices

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu Mar 1 15:14:33 CST 2001

Thanks Rudy ...

Just wanted to confirm .. old code .. hacked out from the "first days of
learning ASP/database connections, etc.".   It worked .. but wasn't
necessary, as I thought.  I'll proudly wear the *dunce* cap tho.  :)

From: "rudy" <r937 at interlog.com>

>     IF "yes a record exists"
>            [ do something ]
>     ELSE
>            [ do something else, perhaps nothing ]

Yes, that's what I want.

> >... when there can only be one
> > unique record (field doesn't allow duplicates) or no record at all.
> presumably you want to do something with the fields for this particular
> row?  if you don't need to use any of the fields, i.e. if you only need to
> know *whether* a row exists, then you should be using

Yes, I need the one record to be displayed, but thanks for the tip below,
that'll come in handy for something else no doubt.  :)  [Actually, I already
have a use for it .. thanks.]

>     select count(*) from [table] where [uniqueness]
> you'll get back a 0 or some positive number, and you can build the IF
> ELSE condition just by testing on zero
> count(*) is a lot quicker for the database, too -- no rows to access

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