[thelist] DB question

Asif Suria asifsuria at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 1 18:46:19 CST 2001

> Is it generally more efficient to have fewer tables
> in a database?

No, according to relational modeling of databases it
is a good idea to spread your data across tables. This
will reduce the redundancy of data being stored.
However if you have large amounts of data (millions of
records per table) joins between tables will take some

> My gut reaction is that dividing the data up into
> logical groups, and
> separating into tables might be less efficient, but
> will be easier to code
> for, and maintenance later.

Its actually easier to code when you don't have data
split into many tables but normalizing the data makes
maintenance of the data easier. Try to read a little
about relational databases, normalization and the star
schema of data warehousing and you will have a better

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