[thelist] IE6 Toolbars

Aylard JA (James) jaylard at equilon.com
Tue Mar 6 09:57:29 CST 2001


> Anyone using IE6 been able to rearrange the toolbars and have them
> remembered from window to window?
> I'll set them up a specific way, close the browser, and after 
> a few minutes
> reopen...only to find the last state isnt remembered.

	The version of IE 6 currently in the Evolt browser archive is a
bootlegged version, never officially released by Microsoft. It is a
pre-public beta, and is certain to have numerous bugs. The problem you
describe will almost certainly be corrected before final release (and
probably before the public preview release expected sometime this month).

> Also, is it possible to remove the left-side toolbar?  Having 
> the media
> player embedded is nice every once in a while, but not 
> necessary on every
> window.

	As far as I can tell, it's not. Again, almost certainly an issue
that will be addressed.

James Aylard

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