[thelist] More ASP help

Norman Beresford n.beresford at anansi.co.uk
Wed Mar 7 05:02:24 CST 2001

Hi all

Just to clear this up a bit, the line

rsWest.open "SELECT * FROM West where Handle=" & session("handle"),
connection, 2,3


Open the recordset rsWest, using the SQL statement to generate it.
The connection string is in a variable called "connection", which I assume
is defined in the include file you mentioned.
The 2,3 bit are magic numbers specifying cursor type and lock type.

Using magic numbers saves you having to include the adovbs file, but does
make the code are lot more mystifiying.  For performance you should also
include a third attribute at the end to specifiy what was being used to open
the recordset (e.g adCmdText - SQL statement (which would apply in this
case), adCmdTable - an entire table being opened or adCmdStoredProc - a
stored procedure).

As Salvatore has pointed out the actual error is being caused because you've
not made the handle a string in the SQL statement.  Hence the type mismatch.



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>At first glance, it looks like your SQL statement is malformed.  What does
> the 'connection, 2,3' portion mean?

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