[thelist] accessibility book

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 7 13:01:36 CST 2001

how is its client-friendly-factor?  that's my primary need...  guess i 
shoulda specified that as well...

for instance, giving a couple of my clients "Don't Make Me Think" 
by Steve Krug has somewhat eased the frustration of explaining 
the same stuff over and over... and it's an easier read than 
Nielsen's book...

> From: iris <laren4 at yahoo.com>
> yep, it's ok.  looks like it wasn't proof-read, got
> loads of spelling mistakes and little errors in it,
> but all the info re accessibility is correct and
> fairly up to date.  it provided no new information to
> me.  accessibility's been my focus for 3 years now. 
> but for someone who's new to the issues it's a good
> summery of all the info that has to be pieced together
> from the various websites out there.  

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