[thelist] Tweaking Dreamweaver code (was Homesite vs Dreamweaver)

Mark Fletcher mark.fletcher at vtco.com
Thu Mar 8 09:07:58 CST 2001

Ben Henick wrote:

> Short of advising you to hand-code straight through (see alistapart.com
> for details) the best thing I can suggest is to edit>undo anything if your
> intention is (colloquially speaking) to backspace-and-overstrike a layout
> decision.

No need I've been coding HTML since 3.2. using Notepad / SimpleText / Bbedit
and Homesite.
BTW I've read your article at alistapart.com, an excellent document, glad to
see some are still keeping the faith.

> Ultimately, though, the majority of the yucky code I see from Dreamweaver
> is in situations where the software has created an absurdly complicated
> (and/or detailed) table to achieve a particular layout.  The indents can
> also be a bit of a pain, but those can easily be changed via preferences.

Yep I thought I thought you would say that. The new Layout View makes
creating layout is a much simpler task, but the code it generates, Sheesh

For what it is worth I have already made a number of suggestions to the DW
Layout View developer.

Thanks for the excellent feedback


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