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Chris Montgomery monty at astutia.com
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Man, what a bunch of flaming liberals...where am I...California? Washington
DC? Austin? hehe  Actually, I think there were *some* good intentions in the
OSHA law, particularly regarding RSI, but the details of implementing the
law probably need to be revisited.

<tip type="preventing stress injury">
Actually, I've had pretty bad problems with RSI too. A couple of things I've
done is try to be more aware to not grip the mouse so hard when I'm
concentrating (use a lighter touch instead of death grip) and make a
concerted effort to learn and use keyboard shortcuts. Keeping a compiled
list of keyboard shortcuts from your most often used programs helps to learn
them quicker.

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> Also, don't consider getting any help from your employer or the gub'mint -
> the rumblings I've heard is that the Bush administration and the
> Republican
> party, in all its wisdom, has repealed the RSI part of the OSHA
> laws. First
> time an OSHA regulation has been struck down by the Congress, or
> so I hear.
> It's good to know our government is working for the Good Ol' Bo-
> oh, I mean
> the people.

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