[thelist] rsi

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Thu Mar 8 11:00:54 CST 2001

 i also go an optical mouse, which i love. it takes that much
> less pressure to
> move the thing. and one of those mousepads with the gel pack
> wrist rest.

I'd recommend a trackball so only your thumb moves, and minute distances
at that. (logitech marble is my fave)

Get an adjustable height desk and an adjustable height chair, adjust
them so that with feet comfortable on the floor your arms can rest
comfortably on the desk, site the trackball mouse so that your arm and
wrist are supported while using.

Keep an eye on the clock and do the cubicle dance every hour or so.

Don't keep everything close to hand, deliberately locate some of the
things you use regularly so that you have to get up and get them.

Time compresses when you're using a computer - what seems like half an
hour surfing the net was probably two or three hours.

good luck.

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