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Eric Engelmann eric at geonetric.com
Thu Mar 8 21:58:55 CST 2001

I've got like 30 sites there.

They're not perfect, but better than I've found anywhere else, and I've been
through a lot of them.

Servers - very reliable for shared servers, Grade A-. We ping our sites
every two minutes, and uptime is almost always better than even some of our
'enterprise' corporate clients' internal hosting uptime. Performance is
pretty good, too. We've had some fairly well-trafficked sites in their
shared servers, and they performed well.

Email - Grade A-. They use iMail, so you have simple POP3 accounts, web
accessible, too. Straightforward.

Customer Service: B+, as it has good days and not so good days, but they do
get back to me via email within 30 minutes in most cases.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend them.

The coolest thing about them: They actually know what you're talking about
when you have a problem with something ASP/SQL.

Another thing to consider: learnasp.com is hosted there, if I recall
correctly, and its a very well-known MS/ASP site (claims 20k visitors/day --
but that's definitely not a shared server!). I think they used to host @
Data Return prior to moving to Innerhost b/c they wanted better tech

- Eric Engelmann

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I'm also looking for a possible new web host.  I'm looking for a shared
server solution and Innerhost looks like it would really fit my needs.  I
prefer a Windows NT/2000 server, and I like the preinstalled asp components
Innerhost offers.  Has anyone had experience with them.  I'm looking for:
reliable server/reliable email/speed/good customer service.  It doesn't have
to be cheap, just fairly reasonable.  Any other suggestions appreciated.

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