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Archie G. Underwood taochaos at home.com
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I would like to emphatically add that getting regular bodywork (massage)
certainly can help or alleviate any RSI. Specifically some of the modalities
that hit deeper into the tissue. Everyone is different as to their
preferences, but any type of work that addresses specific injury could
really do some good. Self-massage I also highly recommended, do what feels
good ("delicious discomfort" works too).

Ergonomics have already been touched on and these are important. Feet flat
on floor, legs horizontal, back straight (possibly supported, but not overly
so), forearms parallel to keyboard, no gripping of any tool! (this is a life
lesson) ect...

Ice will reduce new inflammation (acute pain), heat will break up old
injuries (chronic pain) - the rule of thumb here is, use what makes it feel

I would recommend against using Ibuprofen, Aspirin or any other like
"pain-killer" because these are just temporary fixed that don't address the
problem, but simply mask the pain which can lead to further injury without
you even noticing it. Pain is the body signal that it needs some help!

Take a break, relax, take a bath. Take care of your body, take care of

Any questions or further info e-mail me.
Send questions off-list. peace.

Archie G. Underwood
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> Man, what a bunch of flaming liberals...where am I...California?
> DC? Austin? hehe  Actually, I think there were *some* good intentions in
> OSHA law, particularly regarding RSI, but the details of implementing the
> law probably need to be revisited.
> <tip type="preventing stress injury">
> Actually, I've had pretty bad problems with RSI too. A couple of things
> done is try to be more aware to not grip the mouse so hard when I'm
> concentrating (use a lighter touch instead of death grip) and make a
> concerted effort to learn and use keyboard shortcuts. Keeping a compiled
> list of keyboard shortcuts from your most often used programs helps to
> them quicker.
> </tip>
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> > Also, don't consider getting any help from your employer or the
gub'mint -
> > the rumblings I've heard is that the Bush administration and the
> > Republican
> > party, in all its wisdom, has repealed the RSI part of the OSHA
> > laws. First
> > time an OSHA regulation has been struck down by the Congress, or
> > so I hear.
> >
> > It's good to know our government is working for the Good Ol' Bo-
> > oh, I mean
> > the people.
> >
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