[thelist] CSS in Netscape 4x

sfmalo sfmalo at msn.com
Fri Mar 9 04:15:52 CST 2001

Hi Tamara -
You wrote:

a:hover won't work in NN.

At 12:58 PM 3/8/01 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi Everyone,
>      I have never used CSS before and was trying to
>change the background color and the color of a link on
>the mouseover event. The code I was using was
>a:hover {background-color: #330099; color: #FFFFFF}.
>This seems to work fine in IE 5 but does not show up
>in Netscape 4x.

Sure doesn't but, boy, was it nice to see it finally work in NN6. What a
nice surprise! The first good thing I've seen come up in NN6. Some applets I
have on my site and a client's site do terrible things to the NN6 browser
screen like flickering, flashing, and changing colors. Have yet to figure
out what to do about that!

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