[thelist] pop-up window at % i/o fixed?

Jesus G. Gorriti Jesus.Gorriti at iconmedialab.es
Fri Mar 9 07:40:08 CST 2001

What you can do is getting the size
of the screen of the user in two variables with
javascript and calculate the position depending
on those two variables.


var xres = screen.width;
var yres = screen.height;

what you do with these two variables is whatever
you like to :)

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> Hi Folks.  I have a client who wants certain applets to come up in 
> pop-up windows in his edu site so the students can still see at least 
> some of the screen (so their page doesn't 'disappear' behind a new 
> browser window).  All his beta testers are complaining though, that 
> the size of the windows is too small, but he doesn't want to go much 
> bigger or it'd be too large for smallest rez-target. Is there any pop-
> up javascript that lets a new window come up at a % of the screen 
> rather than a fixed pixel width?  I went looking and found dozens of 
> slightly different scripts but they are all fixed dimension.
> Best regards,
> Palyne
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