[thelist] Javascript Frame Challenge

Gina K. Anderson gina at sitediva.com
Mon Mar 12 10:35:23 CST 2001

Hi Gang,

Javascript frame finding:
Okay, this one's a challenge. I could use some help :)
Here's the setup:

name="top_banner" src="top_banner.htm"
			|					|
name="side_nav"   |   name="content"		|
src="side_nav.htm |   src="home.htm"		|
			|					|
			|					|
			|					|
name="footer" src="footer.htm"

Easy Part:
This site used to be "all one page" in layout, and I have been hired to
restructure it into frames. However, the site has deep links straight to other
pages that should load into frame name "content" and stay there, without loading
home.htm over top of it. Easy to find a script that does that--BUT, here's the

Hard Part:
I need the same scripts to go on every single subpage and frameset page
*without* hand editing anything ;)

For example, most scripts I have found require that the filename of the subpage
be inserted into the subpage script. This means I would have to hand edit way
more pages than I want. Also, the site is structured with HyperInclude which
finds special inserted tags in the files and inputs blocks of HTML into the
pages (sort of like SSI, but actually writing to the file. Therefore, the reason
for everything needing to be the same.

Anyone have any ideas or scripts?


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