[thelist] contract feedback requested

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Mon Mar 12 13:19:15 CST 2001

Heh ... where'd you get that? A lot of the wording is exactly that of 
my standard contract, which I paid a contract lawyer to put together 
for me several years ago ... you mean lawyers know how to copy/paste 
too? I've given it to several people but that would be too weird if 
it somehow got to you ...

I notice my "additional services" might be a little better - noticed 
yours only calls for extra fees if there's extra pages ... 
conversely, I tell my clients it doesn't really matter how many pages 
they have if the only difference is the text of the page, and the 
hard part is changing how it looks or works:

ADDITIONAL SERVICES. [...] Gozz will accommodate reasonable requests 
by Client to change the project description during the course of the 
rendering of services.  If Client's requested changes result in 
additional services being rendered by Gozz, Gozz shall be entitled to 
a reasonable increase in the contract price or hourly compensation 
for additional time at the rate of ...

>I've got a rough draft of a web site agreement posted for comment:
>I'm trying to keep it simple - the client is someone with whom I've 
>already got
>a good working relationship. This draft is pretty sketchy so I'm open to any
>kind of feedback or criticism you care to offer.
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- Erik Mattheis

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