[thelist] FORM fields are being passed as URL parameters???

Raymond Camden rcamden at allaire.com
Mon Mar 12 14:56:31 CST 2001

You have to use the METHOD attribute of the form tag.


> 	<form name="ProjectAdd"
> action="ProjectAddEditViewDelete_Action1.cfm" onsubmit="return
> CheckFrm(this);">


 	<form name="ProjectAdd"
 action="ProjectAddEditViewDelete_Action1.cfm" onsubmit="return
 CheckFrm(this);" METHOD="POST">

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> What would cause FORM.fieldname to be passed as URL.fieldname - 
> even tho NO
> code on my page uses URL parameters.  Basically, all i've got is a page
> that's multifunctional (Add, Edit, View and Delete records).  All of my
> fields are inside a FORM tag.   The form tag's ACTION attribute 
> doesn't even
> pass any URL parameters.

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