[thelist] Creating a Web-Based Mailing list with ASP

Shaun M. Anderson ShaunAnderson at smarttech.com
Mon Mar 12 15:10:46 CST 2001

I want to create a way of sending e-mail to a bunch of users (I'll pull
their e-mail addresses from a database).  What's the most efficient way of
doing this?  It would just be a weekly/monthly newsletter that they signed
up for.  

My current idea is to use cdonts or something similar to send all of the
e-mails as I loop through all of the e-mail addresses.  Would this kill my
server?  Is my sys admin going to try to kill me?  Could I get away with it
if I did it at midnight?

Any suggestions would be appreciated


<tip type="graphics editing">
If you are creating headings for a page and you save a PSD for later use,
don't assume that you can just open the PSD in another program and get
exactly the same results.  I've had problems when going between ImageReady
and FireWorks lately, and had to recreate all of the headings so that they
would match.

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