[thelist] Creating a Web-Based Mailing list with ASP

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"Don't use CDONTS"
Our very own SGD wrote a great mini-series of articles covering this very
topic.  Check them out:
Part I (watch wrap)

Part II


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> Subject: [thelist] Creating a Web-Based Mailing list with ASP
> I want to create a way of sending e-mail to a bunch of users (I'll pull
> their e-mail addresses from a database).  What's the most efficient way of
> doing this?  It would just be a weekly/monthly newsletter that they signed
> up for.
> My current idea is to use cdonts or something similar to send all of the
> e-mails as I loop through all of the e-mail addresses.  Would this kill my
> server?  Is my sys admin going to try to kill me?  Could I get
> away with it
> if I did it at midnight?
> Any suggestions would be appreciated
> Shaun
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> would match.
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