[thelist] Validating JavaScript

Lischke, Katherine L. klischke at logicon.com
Mon Mar 12 16:22:56 CST 2001

Seems the validator is trying to validate the javascript as if it wasn't 
javascript (which I'm sure you've already figured out). It may help if you 
put all of your javascript functions and array declarations in an external 
file and include that external file in the page like this:

<script src="scriptname.js">

You can get a little more information about how to do this here:

(watch for wrap in the URL)

The validator should be able to validate that as a proper script tag, and 
then there wouldn't be any javascript in the document for the validator to 
choke on.


>If you click on the validate button at the bottom of the page you can see
>the error. Then if you view source you will be able to see the code that I
>am using.

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