[thelist] Whatever happened to VRML?

matt newell matt at sweetillusions.org
Mon Mar 12 21:52:43 CST 2001

the idea is based on java .. but the portability shows the promise. (once user
computers speed up as a whole):


check out sumea:engine

java's acceptance/use seemed to start slow, but when i see things like this done
in 3d, it revives the hope for 3rd party interoperability.



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:: >At 2:23 PM 3/10/1, Naju V wrote:
:: >>   what's the current state of 3D Animation in webpages?
:: >
:: >A little difficult at the moment, but there's great promise in the
:: near-term.
:: >
:: >Defining a file format is one thing, but getting predictable rendering out
:: >there in the world is another issue entirely....
:: >
:: >This spring the Shockwave Player will be adding an auto-update for realtime
:: >3D rendering. The interactivity will be contained within the same engine,
:: >avoiding browser dependencies such as the Java-based EAI.
:: I've seen the Shockwave 3D stuff (there was a demo
:: at the MacWeb3D BOF at SIGGRAPH 2000), and I was
:: impressed, even at that stage. It's for Shockwave
:: though, not for Flash? I'd love to see interactive 3D
:: inside Flash as well. I used to do a fair bit of Director
:: work, so I'm a fan of Shockwave - but what's the install
:: base like, compared to the Flash install base?
:: Can you give us any details on authoring? Are 3D
:: animation functions going to appear as an extra set
:: of tools in Director?
:: And where will the 3D models come from? Import of
:: standard formats, or will we need to have 3D Studio
:: Max, like you do for Viewpoint .mts and Vecta3D?
:: Medium-to-long term, i feel that VRML has the
:: momentum, flexibility and open-standards power to
:: 0wn Web3D, but Shockwave 3D stands to be a
:: very fun toy. I wanna play ;)
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