[thelist] bizarre inquiry

Tony Collen manero at yossman.com
Tue Mar 13 01:21:49 CST 2001

On Tue, 13 Mar 2001, Guido Fuortes wrote:

> I don't see many reason for someone to have the internal clock of his/her 
> computer with a wrong date (when I was young, I've been using that ruse 
> from time to time, to be able to use an expired piece of software, but 
> actual OS are smarter than years ago). Does any of you can give me good 
> reason to have the wrong date/hour set in the computer? I give another 
> one: somebody travelling with his/her laptop from Duluth, Minnesota, to 
> Siena, Italy, and not bothering to sinchronize the computer clock with 
> local time.

Well, for one, the person's computer could just normally drift off, or
they could intentionally set their clock ahead or back so they think it's
some other time.

You might be able to do some server-side scripting with PHP pr Perl to
figure out where the person is approximately, but that might take some

Anthony Collen
manero at yossman.com

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