[thelist] NS 4.x Resize bug, in frames? and, hosting multiple domains

John Eckman eckman at liquidsquid.com
Tue Mar 13 08:18:01 CST 2001

Does anyone have handy, or know of, a fix for the NS 4.x resize bug, when 
it occurs inside a frame, and I don't have access to the frameset?

A site I've worked on is hosted using one of those free domain cloaking 
services, which means they put it inside a frame (so that they can redirect 
calls to the domain to another location).

Less than ideal, surely, but it's free.

Question 1:

How do I eliminate the resize bug? (When the user resizes the page NS 4.x 
drops the css info on the text in my "content" frame)

Question 2:

We've had lots of threads on hosting. What if you have 5-10 domains to 
host? My wife and I have around 6 unique domains (different businesses, 
hobbies, etc.) to host, none of which are extremely busy. (One gets 50,000 
hits- not visitors - per month, the others are all <5,000 hits per month). 
In other words, I need someone who does virtual hosts cheaply, but with low 
traffic. Also need php (3 or 4, simple stuff) and perl, prefer access to 
raw access_log. Any suggestions?


John Eckman
eckman at liquidsquid.com

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