[thelist] Protecting sender's email addy

Janet Green jgreen at desmoinesmetro.com
Tue Mar 13 09:11:37 CST 2001

Hi all, can someone please tell me how to help a group of people mask their
email addresses? Is it a whole separate program, or maybe a function of the
email client itself that accomplishes this? I have a group of 20 volunteers
who have agreed to act as mentors on behalf of our organization, and provide
information about their careers if our website visitors send them an email,
but they asked about the possibility of protecting their personal email
addresses. My caveat to them was this: If you each are going to send out an
email from your own home computer, you *each* are going to need some sort of
email masking software to protect your addy. I may have been wrong... LOL -
yes, that's happened before - but wanted to get some input from this group.

Another question on this same issue: other options discussed for this group
were to give each of them a personal addy on our organization's server,
which they would then have to program into their email client to be checked
(are there any security issues associated with this?); to set each of them
up with a free email addy such as Hotmail or Yahoo, which they would have to
make a point to go out and check on a daily basis OR program into their
email clients; and to look on the web for "plug-ins" for their various email
clients that might add an addy-masking feature. Any of these strike you as
particularly good or bad solutions?

Thanks for addressing one or both questions!


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