[thelist] 3D on the web (WAS:Whatever happened to VRML?)

phil phil at xlab.co.uk
Tue Mar 13 10:12:28 CST 2001

on 13/3/01 4:09 pm, viveka at me at karmanaut.com wrote:

> At 4:58 PM +0100 11/3/01, __ Chris Bell __ wrote:
>> then there's the metastream format (http://www.metastream.com) but
>> their plugin is wintel only (they say that a mac version will come
>> soon . . . . . and have said so many many moons ago).
> They did release a Mac plugin - but now that Viewpoint has
> bought them, they've changed their file format, and put out
> a new plugin, but yes, only for Windows. So there was a
> Mac plugin, briefly, but there isn't one any more :\

They've released a beta version of a mac plugin which works with Netscape
version 4.7 and Internet Explorer version 5.x.

It seems pretty stable on my machine though you have to view work at
http://samples.viewpoint.com/ to avoid the browser sniffing out your mac and
not showing the viewpoint content.

We've thought about creating some content with Viewpoint (unfortunately
still only possible on Windows) but have been put off by the high cost of
the license.





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