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Don Makoviney DonM at allensysgroup.com
Tue Mar 13 11:25:38 CST 2001

This is a small hotel site that I like alot:


Could easily be adapted to a diner or restaurant, I think.


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Seth Bienek [seth at sethbienek.com] kindly suggested:

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> I think they are very usable, though not
> necessarrily unique or extravagant.

A good example of how to cater for many within one site. A local restaurant
portal? [sorry to swear!]

> They do provide the necessarry info
> though, lunch & dinner menus, prices, location, business hours.  I think
> that's the most important thing. Here's some examples:
> http://dfw.citysearch.com/E/V/DALTX/0214/43/04/
> http://dfw.citysearch.com/E/V/DALTX/0025/21/53/
> http://dfw.citysearch.com/E/V/DALTX/0214/21/67/
> http://dfw.citysearch.com/E/V/DALTX/0004/76/86/
> Hope these give you some good ideas...

As you say, they get the basics done.

I'll see what the Client wants to spend.

I do remember seeing a site for a country-house type of restaurant which had
reproduced the actual menus in a nice way - *not* just a GIF of the paper
version! - if only I could remember the URL.

Thanks for ideas.

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