[thelist] Printing A Web Page

Paul Dewey paul_dewey at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 13 13:23:55 CST 2001

You wrote:
>Are there any ways to add printing parameters to a page?  Something that
>wont allow for half of a line to be on one page and the rest of the ...

I have always found it necessary to develop another page separate from the 
main for print friendly.  I shouldn't need to redo my site for print 
friendly. What I do is make a nice little little at the bottom that says 
"Print Friendly Page" and when they click on it it brings up another window 
with all B and W with set lengths

>'printer-friendly' version of a page?

I found findarticles.com does a good job at this.  Take a look.

Just my thoughts,


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