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Tue Mar 13 14:46:15 CST 2001

Hi Marcia and evolters:

Well, I am afraid to be yelled at if I try to present the whole list
of my "web site sites to learn from" ... It's huge :-)

Here is just a selected list of inspirational collections/portals that
I do like to visit:

- http://www.coolhomepages.com/
- http://www.mediainspiration.com/
- http://www.lynda.com
- http://system.coolstop.com/
- http://www.netdiver.com/
- http://design-agency.com/project/project.html

Other than that, Happy Tuesday.

Arthur R. Chidlovski
Digital Me-Mix in the Browser

---- Marcia <marciaanddarin at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi 
> Just wondering if any of you could recommend any sites
> that have a good layout and generally good web design
> techniques? I would like to visit them to learn from
> them :)  These could be any site that you found that
> you liked the layout, color scheme, etc.
> Thanks in advance
> Marcia
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