[thelist] Protecting sender's email addy

Deacon B web at master.gen.in.us
Tue Mar 13 15:17:36 CST 2001

On 13 Mar 2001, at 9:14, Janet Green wrote:

> Hi all, can someone please tell me how to help a group of people mask their
> email addresses? Is it a whole separate program, or maybe a function of the
> email client itself that accomplishes this? I have a group of 20 volunteers
> who have agreed to act as mentors on behalf of our organization, and provide
> information about their careers if our website visitors send them an email,
> but they asked about the possibility of protecting their personal email
> addresses. My caveat to them was this: If you each are going to send out an
> email from your own home computer, you *each* are going to need some sort of
> email masking software to protect your addy. I may have been wrong... LOL -
> yes, that's happened before - but wanted to get some input from this group.

Some ISPs will not allow you to use any email address but your own;
their SMTP blocks it. Seems to me that I tried out a 30 days free deal
with GTE a year or two ago, and decided after three days that they were

One of the many features of Pegasus is that it allows me to easily
morph between different identities. A drop-down box allows me to 
change from <a>, where I use a particular combination of SMTP,
POP, and return address, to <b>, <c>, or <d>, where I use other

I do *not* recommend this kind of solution if you want to remain 
anonymous, though; too often someone writes to 
webmaster at oneofmydomains and I end up replying as 
webmaster at anotherdomain  

People forget to check their web mail, though. 

I think the *best* solution would be to assign aliases to all these
people, and filter their mail into one POP3. On the server, you'd
set up a cron to check the POP3 on a regular basis, and when 
there was an incoming mail, you'd convert it to a web page with
a form so that you could reply to the email via sendmail - and you'd
immediately send the volunteer the URL to go to.  Once a week or
so, you could send reminders that there is undealt-with mail....

I've never seen anything like that in cgi-resources.com or any of the
other script repositories, and I have a similar problem, so I'm gonna 
have to write something like that before the end of the year. Yuck!


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