[thelist] Protecting sender's email addy

deke web at master.gen.in.us
Wed Mar 14 03:39:26 CST 2001

On 13 Mar 2001, at 21:34, Jon Hall wrote:

> As hard as it is to believe GTE actually blocks port 25 at their routers!
> You cannot use any other smtp server. For the short time I was with them, I
> set up an smtp server on a non-standard port on my work machine to get by
> this.
> I asked them why they do this before I cancelled. The words that came out of
> the ladies mouth were.
> "We monitor your email"
> That is an exact quote.

> You can imagine what I said next ;-)

"Only the paranoid survive" - Andy Grove

I already pay Norton to monitor my incoming email for virii, and I'm 
not sure I trust them to monitor it *only* for virii. That sure would be 
a nice catseat for Carnivore to sit in. And when I downloaded updated
virus definitions tonight, they also downloaded a new executable. It's
supposed to protect against malicious scripts, so I suppose it has
inserted itself as a proxy for my browser as well.

GTE is now Verizon.

The Pennsylvania PUC is considering a move to split up Verizon
because they are putting all their money into competitive long 
distance and wireless services, and very little into upgrading the
local telephone services they have a monopoly on. They say 
they will have a "state-of-the-art" phone system in Pennsylvania
by 2015 - by which time it will again be 15 years behind the times.

I tried to get DSL. It would be cheaper than having two telephone
lines, and I'd have broadband speed and always-on service. They
said it wasn't available yet - but tried to sell me ISDN, which is
1/5 the speed of ADSL, and runs about $1 an hour to use. 

James Earl Jones is appearing every fifteen minutes on TV, saying
that if we split up Verizon, it will keep Pennsylvania from participating
in the new economy. I assume they are talking about participating
in 2015; I'm connecting right now at 24000 with a v.90 modem.

"Luke, I am your Telco."


I got this powdered water. 
Now I don't know what to add. 
            -- Steven Wright

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