[thelist] apache rewrite (was contract feedback requested?)

Simon Coggins ppxsjc1 at unix.ccc.nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Mar 14 06:09:07 CST 2001

> very cool info, thanks!
> So does that mean that I can have apache rewrite stuff in a certain 
> directory, like:
> send everything in
> domain.com/discussion/1244/
> to
> domain.com/discussion/index.php?1244
> Could I do that? And leave everything else working as it was? What url 
> would it show in the browser? I've looked at the apache docs, but I'm still 
> gonna ask: what would the code in the htaccess look like?

mod_rewrite sounds like a really great tool, and I've been wanting to play
around with it for a while. For some additional information and working
examples take a look at:


Of course you need the module installed and permissions to use it in
.htaccess files for it to work.

There's also an A List Apart article that walks you through doing exactly
what you describe above at:




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