[thelist] please repost lost url

david braun david.braun at centralnet.ch
Wed Mar 14 06:57:22 CST 2001

Hi all

I'm desperate (woo-hooo-hooo ; )
I been searching for an url somebody postet some time ago...

it was surrounded by a topic something like "how do they do this?",
concerning utlined drawings.

I remember the first page of this site being blue, simulating an
exhibition, with two walls in the background, some people before, and
the text being inserted as if it was kinda hung on the wall...

anybody remember?

Thanx mucho mucho...


<tip type="ergonomy, obvious">

when working on a computer, try to more or less equal the luminosity of
the environment. Also avoid reflections on the screen, and glaring
lights or spots (lamps, windows)

this reduces eye-stress and fatigue dramatically, and might avoid
headaches after looong days.


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