[thelist] Speaking of detecting: howto detect Javascript on/off?

Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.net
Wed Mar 14 12:29:01 CST 2001

There's another way, too.  I got this idea off surveymonkey.com:

wrap a meta refresh within a <noscript></noscript> that will direct you to a
page stating that you'll need javascript.  Javascript enable browsers will
ignore the refresh and continue, whereas nonjavascript browsers will follow
the refresh directive.

For example:

<noscript><meta HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="0;


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> sgd,
> :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> : From: Scott Dexter
> :
> : That's the basics. I know there's a way
> : to detect if java is turned on, what about
> : javascript? Is it possible to determine
> : if it is on?
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> sure you can.  think of it from a user interaction perspective.  it's as
> easy as this:
> <a
>  href="make_your_time.html"
>  onClick="location.href='all_your_posts.html'; return false"
> >'zig' off</a>

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