[thelist] NS 4.x Resize bug, in frames?

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Wed Mar 14 12:53:46 CST 2001

John Eckman wrote:
> Does anyone have handy, or know of, a fix for the NS 4.x resize bug, when
> it occurs inside a frame, and I don't have access to the frameset?
> A site I've worked on is hosted using one of those free domain cloaking
> services, which means they put it inside a frame (so that they can redirect
> calls to the domain to another location).
> Less than ideal, surely, but it's free.
> Question 1:
> How do I eliminate the resize bug? (When the user resizes the page NS 4.x
> drops the css info on the text in my "content" frame)

That's a toughie - I had the resize bug in place on a framed site (on
the content pages only) which worked well on the PC, but failed on the
Mac. I used this:

But it only worked consistently, everywhere, when I added it to the top
frameset as well. :-\

You might try using modifying the code to include an explicit reference
to top.* events.

Anyone have better ideas than that?

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