[thelist] Speaking of detecting: howto detect Javascript on/off?

James Aylard evolt at equilon-mrc.com
Wed Mar 14 13:27:06 CST 2001


> It's the same way you can send HTML email and track who opens it.

    Okay, I can understand how you can change the content-type of the
pseudo-image, and pass info about the browser back to the server. But that
doesn't allow you to alter the current page on which the pseudo-image
resides, right?
    If this allows you to use, say, a splash page which contains a
pseudo-image that passes javascript info back to the server, which in turn
allows you to determine whether additional pages should be
javascript-enabled, I don't see that offering any benefits over a page
redirect (except that it might be considered a bit more graceful). What I'm
wondering is whether you can use the information from the pseudo-image to
act on the page on which it resides -- and I can't see how you can off-hand,
not without a redirect.
    Am I missing something? Enlightenment, please. :)

James Aylard

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