[thelist] Homesite: search and replace involving invisible characters

matt newell matt at sweetillusions.org
Wed Mar 14 14:19:14 CST 2001

try this out:

select a grouping of text lines in homesite,

right click,


add line breaks.

as long as your text comes in long lines (not wrapped) it should add the
<br>'s to the end of each line correctly.


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On Wed, 14 Mar 2001, the head lemur wrote:

> > Hello all;
> >
> > I hope this isn't a really lame question, but is it possible to do
> > multi-line search and replaces with Homesite? I really want to be able to
> > replace multiple lines of code, or to insert break tags at the end of
> every
> > line of content I have pasted in, etc.
> extended search and replace is one of the default buttons on the "standard"
> tool bar the dark folder with the binoculars on top. you can select by
> file/folder or project....
> no help on the break tag unless you
> highlite a line
> tap the "end" key to get to the end of the line
> insert your br tag
> tab down
> tap the "end" key to get to the end of the line
> insert your br tag(or use the repeat last tag button on the "edit" toolbar)
> tab down.......
> seems like a lot of work though..
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