[thelist] Detecting AOL browser (was contract feedback requested?)

deke web at master.gen.in.us
Thu Mar 15 05:28:00 CST 2001

On 15 Mar 2001, at 0:07, jeff wrote:

> : That page is about javascript, not about
> : the USER_AGENT environmental variable,
> that's true.  there is most certainly a difference.

> : and there is *no* mention of AOL
> : anywhere on the page.
> try looking in the source again, like say line 136-138.

Which is about a VBscript bug, and has nothing to do with using
the USER_AGENT string for redirecting users. VBscript/Jscript/Javascript 
cannot redirect users because it doesn't get executed until the wrong 
file has already been downloaded.

Sorta like putting a sign on the creek bed that says "Oops! There is
a load limit on that bridge you just collapsed.  Better not try to exceed
it, or you'll find yourself down here."


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