[thelist] OT (?): alistapart.com

marzosky at libero.it marzosky at libero.it
Thu Mar 15 09:56:38 CST 2001

> Somewhat. I have the latest browser (IE5.5/sp1), so I'm not getting the
> upgrade message. I did, however, have my security level on "custom." When I
> switched to medium, the message stopped. I've discovered that this page is
> writing a file to my c:\temp directory called "datxx.tmp" (where xx is a
> number). This is what was causing the pop-up because my customized settings
> didn't allow it. 

this happens to me too: IE 5.5 sp1, security level set to "medium", i 
never noticed this before, but in the title bar IE says: 
"C:\windows\temp\dat4222.tmp". This file seems to contain only a 
binary character...

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