[thelist] Quickie rant about Verio.

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Thu Mar 15 13:24:55 CST 2001

So I'm at home, minding my own business and a call comes in.

They ask me if it's me (it is) and if I'm the person who recently bought
the domain thatspretend.com through dotster. I bought it 3 days ago, and
I ask -- why on earth are you calling me?

He says that it's public information, and when I tell him that I have
never been contacted after buying a domain he says it's a *shame* I've
never gotten a phone call from Network Solutions (don't I *want* junk
phone calls?).

Turns out it's Verio and they're *very* interested in selling me
hosting. I make it clear that I never want to be contacted by Verio ever
again about this and I *don't* find it a valuable service to get called.

I think my mistake was not immediately putting it up on a server, I just
bought the domain and left the dotster "future home" thing up.

It seems to me though, that this is a new record for getting annoyingly
spammishly contacted after a domain name purchase, and I don't like it.

That's my rant,

	Joe <http://artlung.com/>

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