[thelist] Is This Even An Feature Of IE?

Salvatore Palmisano spalmisano at usaiss.com
Thu Mar 15 13:36:35 CST 2001

Setup is Windows 2000 Professional SP1 and MSIE 5.5

Clicking on Start/Favorites/<Link Name> opens an instance of IE and
navigates to that page (as expected).
If I leave that page open and do the same thing (selecting a different link
from the favorites menu), IE realizes an instance is already running and
navigates to the new page in the existing window.

Is there anywhere to turn this behavior off?  I wasnt able to find anything
in the settings that mentions "open a new browser window every time".
Is it possible to never use the existing instance of IE, spawning a new one
each time?


--Salvatore Palmisano
Chief Information Officer
International Security Solutions, Inc.
spalmisano at usaiss.com

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