[thelist] Re: VoiceXML!

Lee Stewart LeeStewart at bigfoot.com
Thu Mar 15 15:39:45 CST 2001

> http://studio.tellme.com/
> The possibilities are endless...

I worked for a company that had a speech recognition product and we wrote a
VoiceXML-based browser with it.  By adding Text to Speech, you can put
together a system that allows a dialog with the computer.  Pretty fun stuff.

Thanks for pointing our the Tellme Studio.  I'd love to check it out and see
what it's capable of.  Maybe I'll build a Pokedex (I keep forgetting if
Gengar is a colorless or psychic type Pokemon).

By the way, the site is well designed.  I like the way the home page adjusts
to the width of the browser.

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