[thelist] Windows NT 5.0 (aka WIndows 2000) and IE 5.5 - forms trouble

Paul Dewey paul_dewey at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 15 16:08:30 CST 2001

To all-
Okay, hopefully someone out there can resolve this issue I am having...
We are switching servers and so we converted all the PERL Scripts to a Java 
Servlet that is then accessed using JSP.  Get it?  Hope you do.  Anyway, 
these pages are used for forms we have.  You know the usual Q and A forms 
and so on.
I got the lucky task of testing all these forms (yeaa :-P) and when I tested 
one form, that request your infomation and you must include a resume or 
comments, and press submit it submits twice causing an error to develop.  
This only happens on this type of form.  I have tested it with Windows 200 
with Netscape and no prob.  Also with Windows NT on both browsers and still 
no prob.  I have even checked it on a MAC, no prob.  This double submit only 
happens on Windows 2000 PRO with IE 5.5.  And no I am not clicking twice.  
Any solutions out there?  Has anyone else heard of this?  Any help and 
information would be a big help!

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