[thelist] compliant code writing

T.Abbey Abbey at abbeyink.com
Thu Mar 15 18:04:11 CST 2001

At 05:48 PM 3/15/01 -0500, you wrote:
>is there a resource that i can look for pointers on creating a fully
>standards compliant site like evolt? and one that easily degrades in all

I don't know about the degrading part since that depends on the HTML 
version you use (see also alistapart in NN 4.7 or less), but I use a 
combination of HTML Tidy (in HomeSite and HKit) and then the validator at 
the W3C. Bobby is also a nice tool, at http://www.cast.org/Bobby/ since it 
will estimate download time and also offers some advanced features that 
will at least tell you what might be awry in older browsers.

After it's valid, test, test, test and then I have all my e-friends test it 
too. After that, I cross my fingers and toes.


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