[thelist] CSS in Netscape 4x

david braun david.braun at centralnet.ch
Fri Mar 16 03:18:54 CST 2001

On 08.03.2001 at 16:22 Uhr, asifsuria at yahoo.com (Asif Suria) wrote:

> Thanks everyone. It looks like I will just have to
> leave the links the way they are for Netscape users.
> Asif

> > a:hover won't work in NN.

If you're in a 'real need' (your client is 'verry disappointed') of a
netscape-hover, you'll find a way at http://webreference.com. Look out
for the dhtml-columns. It's rather a hack but it works.

"we don't see that we don't see what we can't see" (H. v. Foerster)

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