[thelist] Browser parsing

Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 16 06:06:20 CST 2001

>Okay so by small components I guess you mean markup elements and CSS.

Yep. It's also important to see their relation to each other ('Hey, this IMG 
is inside a TD').

>Any ideas on how the parser decides which bits get divided up into small 
>components. Also once the code has been divided and parsed does the 
>browsers rendering engine then kick in and present the information on 
>screen? or does it wait until the whole page has been parsed?

Depends on the individual browser. In Netscape 1-4, the browser first had to 
parse an entire table before displaying it (so the worst thing you could do 
was to forget a /TABLE tag, so the browser couldn't find the end of the 
table and showed nothing). But in general browsers now try to show something 
as soon as it's parsed.


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