[thelist] Browser parsing

Mark Fletcher mark.fletcher at vtco.com
Fri Mar 16 07:14:20 CST 2001

Peter-Paul Koch wrote:

> Depends on the individual browser. In Netscape 1-4, the browser first had
> parse an entire table before displaying it (so the worst thing you could
> was to forget a /TABLE tag, so the browser couldn't find the end of the
> table and showed nothing). But in general browsers now try to show
> as soon as it's parsed.

That certainly nails down why pro authors always create content in separate
tables wherever
possible. I don't suppose you have any information on how say I.E. parses
the code do you?

Also I've read recently that another reason why we should create formatting
using CSS rather than HTML tags is because CSS can be displayed quicker. Any
idea why the parser can analyze CSS faster than HTML tags?

Thanks very much for your feedback

Warmest regards

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