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Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Fri Mar 16 17:06:17 CST 2001

Folks, considering we have close to 2000 people on this mailing list, let's
be extra-special-sensitive about off topic content. Simply labeling an email
as [off-topic] should be a *CLEAR* sign that either (1) you'd better include
a <tip>, and/or (2) you take it to thechat mailing list and not thelist,
AND/OR (3) mail the person directly, off list entirely. 


<tip type="ASP">
parameters in subroutines and functions are by default passed by reference.
if you are mucking around with the variable inside the procedure, pass it by
value to keep the original value safe:

function AddMeUp(byval firstnum, secondnum)
' secondnum is passed by reference by default
firstnum = 13
secondnum = 12
AddMeUp = firstnum + secondnum
end function

z = AddMeUp(x,y)

'z now equals 25, x = 1, and y = 12 !
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