[thelist] Survey solution -- URLs?

deke web at master.gen.in.us
Fri Mar 16 18:19:37 CST 2001

On 16 Mar 2001, at 12:27, J J wrote:
> Anyway, I'm not trying to be mean about the name, I
> just now what my clients would think.  And yes, they
> are far too serious, especially when it comes to
> employee surveys of 3,000 employees and HR really
> needs that important data.  They feel they are putting
> their jobs on the line and want to know it's in the
> best care possible.  Those clients are also willing to
> pay big bucks though.  

You might try explaining to your clients, tactfully, of 
course, that they are illiterate louts. 

One of the definitions of monkey is "any of various machines, 
implements, or vessels; especially : the falling weight of a pile 
driver"  If they are thinking "Gomer Pyle, grease monkey",
then they've been watching too many Andy Griffith reruns. A
survey monkey obviously is working hard, pounding away at
the data and getting it into shape. 

But even if you think of silly connotations, a silly name is 
hardly the kiss of death. Every time I buy Chunky Monkey
ice cream, I think of the joke "How many idiots does it take
to make chocolate chip cookies? Two. One to stir the dough
and the other one to squeeze the bunny."  But despite the
fact that monkey chunks sound unappealing, it's still my
favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry's.

Of in business context, think about babelfish at altavista. 

I don't know that I'd have chosen surveymonkey for a domain
name, but it would be very easy to do worse. I got an ad in
the mail for csexpo.  Gee, I know what c-sex is!  Unfortunately,
it's not what it purports to be, but is instead the communications
solutions exposition. Rats!


I got this powdered water. 
Now I don't know what to add. 
            -- Steven Wright

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