[thelist] ani difranco fans? comments?

Jonathon Isaac Swiderski jonathon.swiderski at oberlin.edu
Fri Mar 16 20:09:59 CST 2001

--On Friday, 16 March, 2001 7:14 PM -0500 aardvark <roselli at earthlink.net> 

> http://www.righteousbabe.com/

Re: colours:  the green in the 'store' & 'tour' sections is kinda pukey, 
and so's the orange in the 'ani' section.  but i like the dark green in 
the 'other artists' section. . .

Re: store:  for those of us who don't have credit cards, information about 
alternate ways to order albums (like an address to send a check) would be 

Re: ani -> albums:  if possible, it would be nice to have lyrics & sound 
clips connected to the albums.  given the 'sounds' links, i gather yer 
sorta on the way, but i like to see lyrics, too.  there are a billion and 
three websites with their own ideas of ani's lyrics, it'd be nice to see 
her ideas of her lyrics.  something sorta like what maynard james keenan 
does for toolshed.down.net ([http://toolshed.down.net/lyrics/] -beware of 
framed site) would be nice.

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