[thelist] ani difranco fans? comments?

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 16 20:53:44 CST 2001

> From: "Martin Kuplens-Ewart" <martin at graphicist.com>
> Umm, i have to say, those buttons are kinda nasty...it's a great idea,
> and all, but the execution, especially the type within them kinda lets
> the side down, if you know what i mean.

the type is chosen for legibility... curious to hear specifically what 
you don't like... i'm still uncool with the timing and the lack of 
rollover, but we're working on that for the next update in a couple 
weeks... such is the nature of launching prematurely...

> in the tour info page... have you considered putting in one or two
> different colours behind the table cells...mainy to make it more
> read-easy. :)

yep, trying to choose what will work, and what will not look too 
busy... plus get client approval...

> for two weeks it sure is a pretty good job, oh, another thing... in
> the tour info page, how 'bout a photograph or summat to the right of
> the band name/members? that space is just perfect for a
> photo/logo/whatever

perhaps a rollover image?  rollover the bandmember, and a photo 
appears for that person?  hmmm... interesting... hafta play wit dat...

> I couldn't help but notice the posters on the "stuff" page... wouldn't
> one of those make for an absolutely brilliant base from which to work
> the page from? hehe...

oh yeah... but we needed something quite generic for all the Ani 
albums, as well as the other artists... plus they didn't want a 
design tied to any particular album...

> re: the buttons again, maybe you'd consider making a second copy of
> the button images, except already stretched out, for use in each of
> the sub-pages... so that it's not necessary to wait for them to expand
> every time you want to go to another page?

yeah, working on those (you may have seen my other posts)... 
planning a modification to them for timing, rollover-ness, and other 

> oh, and the yellow in the tour button doesn't match the bg colour in
> the tour page... seems like the intent was to have them match...
> [judging by the other pages]

hmm... i'll hafta ask... the same thing ran through my head...

> overall, it is very neat. :)

thanks, good to hear...

> hth,

absolutely, thanks...

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